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Dr Milojević
hair transplant clinic

Hair transplantation

Dr Milojević’s practice is a specialist practice for plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery. It specializes in leading hair transplantation techniques.

The practice is established and organized based on some of the most prominent hair transplantation practices around the world in order to ensure the best conditions for providing such services and to also instill trust and respect, making the doctor-patient relationship much more pleasant and equally respectful and understanding.

Dr Brankica Milojević has specialized in DHI method hair transplantation, one of the most advanced hair transplantation techniques, since year 2009 when the practice was first founded. Dr Brankica Milojević keeps up with modern-day accomplishments and breakthroughs in the field of hair transplantation with the intention of distributing that knowledge and skill to her patients.

Dr Milojević is a licensed doctor and operates following firmly established and standardized protocols alike the ones in the best hair transplantation practices in the world. Accordingly, expected results are of the best quality.

Dr Milojević has successfully utilized all other hair transplantation methods including FUT – Strip method, FUE and many more over the course of her career. She constantly and intensively keeps track of progress in that field and enriches and deepens her knowledge and experience. Dr Milojević achieves impressive and notable results recognized by the community of experts and, of course, patients on a domestic and international level. The method dr Milojević applies is microsurgical, minimally invasive, efficient and aesthetically the most appealing solution to hair loss issue. It involves precise, individual hair follicle extraction without damaging the surrounding hair follicles of the donor, occipital region of the scalp. The implantation itself is performed with the help of specialized instruments – implantors, which enable extracted follicles to be implanted into the recipient area in only one simple movement, without damage and respecting the angle of patient’s hair growth. Contemporary hair transplantation methods used by dr Milojević allow for an extremely precise, gentle, the least invasive hair transplantation procedure to date which simultaneously provides maximal aesthetic results in both donor (extraction) and recipient (implantation) area.

Duration of procedure

What is of big importance, considering modern day pace of life, is that method which dr Milojević utilizes allows hair restoration to be completed within only one day, without major trauma, pain, skin cuts, stitches and nearly scarless since the traces of the procedure are minimal. Furthermore, patients can get back to their everyday responsibilities fairly quickly, pleased with the natural and aesthetically appealing looks.

Depending on the individual situation, modern techniques allow minor repetitive procedures to gradually thicken the hair and achieve optimal aesthetics. For that purpose, knowledge and experience of a surgeon is the key and one of the most relevant conditions in order for the hair transplantation to be efficient, highly professional and guarantee great results.

Hair transplantation in synergy with advanced techniques is the most efficient and simplest way to regrow hair, hence boosting your confidence and enriching quality of life. Dr Milojević’s practice treasures professional, blunt, honest approach, free of marketing tricks, false hopes and delusions. Patients are presented with a realistic picture, accordingly their expectations are genuine and always lead to mutual satisfaction as well as recognition for our work.

* Knowledge   – Experience –   Quality *