Email: Address: Belgrade, Generala Štefanika 19 (settlement "Stepa Stepanović")Phones: 011 7703 111 / 064 2702 727


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Dr Milojević
hair transplant clinic

— Our Location —

~~ Working days ~~ ~~ Business hours ~~
– Monday – 9am - 5pm
– Tuesday – 9am - 5pm
– Wednesday – 9am - 5pm
– Thursday – 9am - 5pm
– Friday – 9am - 5pm
– Saturday – * as required
– Sunday – * as required

Dr Milojević - Hair Transplant Clinic is located in urban part of Vozdovac (a municipality of Belgrade), a brand new modern residential area – Stepa Stepanović – with no scarce in green spaces.

Dr Milojević - Hair Transplant Clinic is situated in a contemporary, cosy business environment with plenty of banks, posts and exchange offices, pharmacies in the vicinity and a great number of open air parking spaces free of charge! It all amounts to the superior quality of our services and better accessibility from patient’s perspective.

Dr Milojević - Hair Transplant Clinic meets all the conditions prescribed by the health inspection and is organized based on top hair transplant clinics worldwide in order to ensure the best possible service quality, to instill trust and respect and therefore alleviate any uncertainties in the patient-doctor relationship, as well as contribute to a mutual sense of trust and understanding.

011 7703 111
Generala Štefanika 19

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