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Dr Milojević
hair transplant clinic
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About us

Dr Brankica Milojević, specialist plastic surgeon and the owner

Dr Milojević - Hair Transplant Clinic was founded in 2009 as a specialist practice for plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery.

Dr Milojević - Hair Transplant Clinic has a successful decennial experience in hair transplantation, world leading technique in the field, with great patient satisfaction worldwide with notable results.

Dr Milojević - Hair Transplant Clinic is located in urban part of Vozdovac (a municipality of Belgrade), a brand new modern residential area – Stepa Stepanovic – with no scarce in green spaces. Dr Milojević - Hair Transplant Clinic is situated in a contemporary, cosy business environment with plenty of banks, posts and exchange offices, pharmacies in the vicinity and a great number of open air parking spaces free of charge! It all amounts to the superior quality of our services and better accessibility from patient’s perspective.

Dr Milojević - Hair Transplant Clinic meets all the conditions prescribed by the health inspection and is organized based on top hair transplant clinics worldwide in order to ensure the best possible service quality, to instill trust and respect and therefore alleviate any uncertainties in the patient-doctor relationship, as well as contribute to a mutual sense of trust and understanding.

Hair transplant


Dr Milojević - Hair Transplant Clinic since the founding in 2009, has specialized in hair transplantation combining some of the most renowned methods and techniques. It continuously keeps track of modern accomplishments and breakthroughs in the field, and consequently affording the best quality services for its patients.

Dr Milojević - Hair Transplant Clinic is specialized in plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery and is licensed by the London Hair Restoration Academy..

U Dr Milojević - Hair Transplant Clinic performs strictly standardized hair transplantations matching those of the best hair transplantation clinics around the globe. Therefore, the anticipated results are exceptional.



To establish a sense of trust in order to evaluate patients expectations, to explain what the situation is like in their specific case, to present the patient with the technique and phases after the transplantation, estimate of further hair loss, expected results and much more. Accordingly, the patient is loudly and clearly informed of the circumstances, without any misinformation which inevitably lead to issues and disappointment of patients!


Dr Brankica Milojević considers knowledge, experience and also the natural talent of a surgeon to be of crucial importance to the success of a hair transplantation.

A modern man’s pace of living is rapid. Hence, it is mandatory to solve hair loss issues as quick and efficient as possible. Modern day hair transplantation methods allow hair restoration to be done:

- Dr Brankica Milojević is knowledgeable in all other hair transplantation methods. She has used DHI method for multiple years, so the method she uses today is advanced, microsurgical, precise and gentle, and, currently, the least invasive, contributing to the finest aesthetical results in both the donor area and the recipient area of the scalp. This method implies precise, microsurgical extraction of each hair follicle separately using specialized micro instruments causing no harm to the surrounding hair follicles in the donor area whatsoever.

- Hair follicle insertion is also done one follicle at a time utilizing special instruments – implanters , which allow extracted hair follicles to be implanted into desired areas with only one swift movement, without previously constructing holes and causing any damage, strictly taking the angle of patient’s hair follicles growth into account.

- Hair transplantation is carried out under local (ring) anesthesia which ensures no pain is experienced neither during nor after the intervention!

Preparation of patients

Preparation of a patient for a hair transplantation primarily implies an insight into his/hers overall medical history (use of medication, drug allergies…). If needed additional health checks or blood tests may be required. When a patient’s health condition is optimal, the hair transplantation performed by Dr Brankica Milojević is free of risks or any unforeseen complications.

• Haircutone of the preconditions for a successful hair transplantation. Depending on the patient’s severity of hair loss a complete scalp or just the donor region of the scalp gets a 1 mm haircut. Hence the best insight into the issue is provided, as well as the best condition for its resolution.

• Without a haircut - if the situation allows, an intervention without cutting the hair is often done, or in women when only the donor region is cut. Haircut is given in the doctor’s practice.

Hair transplantation takes a couple of hours depending on the scope of intervention and is usually done within one day.

During transplantation, patients listen to some pleasant melodies. Brief breaks are also possible, and between the first phase (extraction) and the second one (implantation) patients have a break of about half an hour to freshen up and consume a lighter meal.

After the procedure is done a gauze stays on the donor region for one night and gets removed the following day. The recipient part of the scalp remains bandage-free, and a cap or a hat could be worn right after the intervention.

The patient leaves the practice the same day, with accurate instructions on transplant treatment, preventive therapy and a strictly established protocol of behavior.

Dr Milojević - Hair Transplant Clinic has vast knowledge, experience and talent for hair transplantations, thanks to which our service is efficient and highly professional. Accordingly, maximal aesthetic results are achieved and provided to bring pleasure to our patients worldwide.

U Dr Milojević - Hair Transplant Clinic conducts hair transplantations utilizing the most advanced and contemporary methods which are simultaneously the most efficient and simplest path of restoring your hair!

Our approach revolves around an individual patient as we assess every patient’s condition separately. With our proficiency and knowledge, patient’s perseverance and trust we could accomplish exceptional results to our mutual satisfaction!

Dr Milojević - Hair Transplant Clinic exclusively braces expertise, a blunt, honest approach free of marketing tricks, false hopes and delusions. Patients are presented with a realistic picture, hence their expectations are genuine and invariably lead to both patient’s satisfaction as well as ours.

Each patient is a story unto themselves!

Our mission is to solve your problem!

Our Team

Dr Brankica Milojević, plastic surgeon  

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